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A stand of Arundo donax in Sonoma Creek, CA

Arundo donax Educational Materials

The following materials were produced for the California Department of Fish and Game by the Sonoma Ecology Center (SEC) and California State University, Sacramento, with the assistance of Team Arundo del Norte and through funding provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. They are available for purchase from the Sonoma Ecology Center (click here for an order form to fill out and return to us by e-mail at, or you can download a PDF of the documents (see below).

Controlling Arundo in Your Watershed: a Guide for Organizations
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Controlling Arundo in Your Watershed: A Guide for Organizations

This is a primer for organizations that wish to start an Arundo eradication program in their watershed. These include nonprofits, government agencies, and Resource Conservation Districts, as well as restoration companies working with such organizations. Groups working to control and eliminate other non-native invasive species from riparian areas can also use this guide.

Contents: Working with landowners, addressing landowner concerns, negotiating an eradication agreement, working with volunteers and other stakeholders, eradication techniques, prevention and public outreach, Arundo identification, additional resources, landowner agreement. Also includes a sample landowner-contractor agreement.
(22 pages, $5)

Arundo: A Landowner Handbook
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Arundo: A Landowner Handbook

This reference guide is intended to educate landowners about the invasive weed Arundo donax, the reasons for eliminating it from watersheds, and techniques for its eradication. We recommend conducting your initial outreach with letters and brochures, and then targeting the handbooks to specific landowners.

Contents: The biology of Arundo, problems that Arundo infestations cause for landowners and watersheds, the key role landowners play in its eradication, Q&A on landowner concerns, a list of agencies and organizations for guidance and additional information, a detailed list of eradication techniques, and revegetation planning. Handbook comes in a custom folder with a business card slot and one free brochure. The folder contains two pockets where you can conveniently insert local resource guides and contact information for your area.
(22 pages, $5)

Arundo: Streamside Invader
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Arundo: Streamside Invader

A newly updated (2007) introductory brochure appropriate for landowners, nonprofits, or agencies, that summarizes the threats Arundo poses to California's streams and rivers, and offers ways to get involved in controlling and eliminating this highly invasive weed.

Download the PDF version at left (2 MB), or purchase full-color, glossy copies using the order form above (100 for $35, or $0.35 each, plus S&H.)
Controlling Arundo in Your Watershed
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Controlling Arundo In Your Watershed (Video)

This video provides a broad overview into the biology of Arundo, its effects on ecosystems, and techniques for its control and elimination. Included is footage of actual infestation sites and commentary by Arundo specialists. It is suitable for introductory public presentations to anyone concerned about the spread of this invasive weed, including property owners, agency representatives, restoration contractors, and policymakers.

Contents: Arundo identification, growing habits, fire and erosion hazards, eradication techniques, disposal of canes, monitoring, and follow-up.
(video, 22 minutes, $5)

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